Height-adjustable desks and your Workplace Wellness

Height-adjustable desks and your Workplace Wellness

How does sitting all day make you feel?

How do you avoid sitting too long during your work day? 

How do you avoid standing too long? (Prolonged standing is also a health risk.) 

Sit-to-stand desks keep you moving in a way that works in your workflow.

Experts agree they're the best option if you're concerned about prolonged sitting or standing.

Meet Apollo...

Apollo is a series of electric and pneumatic sit-to-stand height adjustable desks from Heartwood.
We're proud to carry Heartwood products—quality, customizable, Canadian-made furniture.

• Finishes: Solid colours, woodgrains, two-tone laminate combos
• Electric (ready to assemble) or Pneumatic (fully-assembled)
• Configurations (Electric only): Straight, L-shaped or Boardroom

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